Holy Cow

Hey everybody!

We are so excited by all of the blog comments we have received thus far about our violet candy contest.  There has been such a good response that we have decided to broaden the contest.  So now, with some help from our friends at Bake It Pretty, we will come up with what we think are the top three suggestions.  Each of those entrants will receive a container of violet candies.  Then, we will post the three finalists on the blog and allow you to vote on which idea sounds the best.  The winner of the contest will then receive their recipe baked (or cooked or assembled or what have you) and mailed to them.  So please keep the ideas coming.  You can enter as often as you want until March 1, 2011.  So please keep thinking, and good luck!

Violet Candies

Super-excited about this whole thing,



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5 responses to “Holy Cow

  1. You are going to create a monster here =o) As many times as we want for reals?

  2. Bring it! Really, we’d love as much feedback as possible.

    Oh, and the candies don’t actually taste stale, they just always have an old lady perfume-type flavor. As they are hard candies, they don’t really go bad. They just aren’t very good (in our opinion).

  3. Ahhh do not be fooled a fresh violet Candy is to die for ( I am Scottish) hard tack does have a life and gets dodgy just as we do ;o)
    Okay my next idea:
    You will need a dremel tool and a fine drill, drill into the bottom of each sweet 1/8 of inch … then you put a thin skewer or even a toothpick in the hole with a dab of royal frosting on the end. You then make several leaves out of fondant of even fimo clay You decide, I would use fimo myself. Then get some green floral tape the waxy stuff and wrap each stick/ stem Attach the leaves with either royal frosting or a dab of hot glue ( I would use hot glue) Just under the flowers, If people are going to eat of course use royal frosting and fondant. Put 6 together and poke all the stems through a 6″ lace doily … right in the center of course gathering all the doily up prettily. Tie at the bottom with a lovely ribbon of seam binding in a true violet colour and there you have it a tussie mussie full of the violet scent from the sweets. Kind of like a classy bunch of tootsie pop bundles ;o)

  4. Duh

    I saw this a few days ago and thought it was a great idea. This is a recipe to use up some so-so candies and make them into something even tastier.
    Piece of Cake: Hard Candy Cookies and I used to have a recipe for Lavender Lemon Sandwich Cookies too, but the blog entry has disappeared. They sounded delicious and looked nummy though. Good luck on your adventure.

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