Our First Customer Feedback

About a month ago, we got an order from a woman who wanted to send vegan cupcakes to her mother.  This was our first order not placed by one of our relatives, so we were very excited and not a little nervous.  We sent out the cupcakes along with a pastry bag of frosting and a bag of toasted coconut.  Included were simple instructions on how to ice cupcakes.  It turns out we could have saved our breath, since the recipient sent us pictures of her final product.

Coconut Cupcake

Along with the pictures, she also mailed us this message:

Hi, Ian and Jason,
After having received a wonderful surprise of your coconut cupcakes today, I just had to share my joy with you.  They are soooo beautiful and so yummy.  And, yes, they ARE the best effing coconut cupcakes eva!  🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day to you Both!
You’ve certainly made mine special.
– Bambi

Isn’t that awesome?  We absolutely love hearing from customers, and we wish it happened more often.  It is so nice to be able to get a sense of who our customers are, beyond just receiving and filling orders.  We know that our customers are totally awesome people, and we really love hearing from them!

So, if you have ordered from us, or even if you just read the blog, leave us a comment or send us a message and let us know who you are! And if the prospect of decorating your own cupcakes is daunting, let Bambi’s cupcakes ease your mind. You are capable of decorating beautiful cupcakes, I promise.  I’ll leave you with another picture she sent us.

Coconut Cupcakes

Thanks so much, Bambi.  You really made our day with your email!  And thanks to all of you for reading — hopefully we’ll hear from more of you!



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