White Chocolate Unicorns!

Um, seriously. White. Chocolate. Unicorns.

When Jason posted the brownie recipe last week, I didn’t have a chance to tell you guys how awesome they were! The white chocolate chips were pretty good in them. There were a couple of things, though. First, they had a slightly crunchy texture that, while not unpleasant, was not exactly what you’d want from white chocolate chips. Second, their flavor was really overshadowed by the sheer volume of dark chocolate and cocoa in the recipe. This wasn’t exactly the right vehicle with which to showcase the white chocolate.

So, since neither of us have any experience with molding chocolate, this seemed like a good project to really show off our vegan white chocolate chips. We got some unicorn-shaped chocolate molds from Bake It Pretty, and got to work.

Unicorn Chocolate Mold

We decided that we wanted our white chocolate to have a flavor added, as the chips don’t have an awesome flavor on their own (since they don’t have any milk or milk substitute in them).  We chose peppermint extract, since we thought that would go well with white chocolate.  So, now comes the chocolate melting process.  Because these chips contain only cocoa butter and sugar, they took forever to melt.

This is how they looked as we put them in the double boiler [read: old pot with a mixing bowl on top]:

0 Minutes In

And here they are after two minutes:

Two Minutes In

Here they are after five minutes:

Five Minutes In

And here they are after seven minutes:

Seven Minutes In

We’re getting there.  So here’s the white chocolate after nine minutes:

NINE Minutes In

OK, at this point, I was over it.  So I took the mostly-melted chocolate off the heat and continued to stir until it was totally melted (if a little thick).  After it was totally melted, I added the extract, and instantly I thought our chocolate had seized up.  I quickly put the chocolate back on the heat, and after a minute or so it all re-homogenized!  Yay.

Next we filled the molds.  Since the chocolate was on the thick side, the filling process was a little messy.

Filling the Unicorn Mold with White Chocolate

But, after smoothing the backs and placing in the freezer to set, we ended up with these:

White Chocolate Unicorns!

Could you die?  Aren’t these the funniest, cutest things you ever saw in your whole life?  Oh, and the best part?  They tasted amazing!  The texture was perfect: smooth, with just the right amount of toothsome-ness.  And the flavor was great: smooth, slightly waxy (in that white chocolate way) with just a subtle kick of mint.  And to top it all off, they’re unicorns!

We’re planning on posting more about chocolate molds in the next few days, so stay tuned!

Inexplicably excited about unicorn chocolates,


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