Gluten Free Cupcakes and More!

Hey, everybody!  It’s a short post today.  We just added some gorgeous gluten-free cupcakes on our Etsy site; check them out!  Gluten-free baking presents some challenges, but we spent a lot of last year perfecting our gluten-free recipes–and we’re really proud of them!  We’ll be posting a big, beautiful blog post about gluten-free yumminess very soon—stay tuned!

gluten free vegan cupcakes

Today we’re baking the three finalists’ ideas from our Violet Candy Contest!  We’ll post photos of the three finalists (with their recipe ideas) tomorrow, so you can vote on your favorite.  We’ve had a lot of fun choosing the three best ideas, but the winner is up to you!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

Hugs and cupcakes and rainbows,

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