Violet Candy Contest Finalists

OK, here we go!

From the dozens of submissions to the Violet Candy Contest, we have narrowed it down to three finalists.  It took us a few days to get them all made and photographed, but we’ve finally finished.  So, here are their submissions, in no particular order.

1.  Michael said, “First, I would make a fresh lavender cupcake. For the top, I’d make a lemon buttercream frosting. To decorate them, I’d crush some of the violet candies together with some fresh lavender to make a shiny/sparkly Violet/Lavender dust to sprinkle on top of the buttercream and top each with one of the violet candies. Mmmm, my mouth is watering.”

Here’s what we came up with:

Lavender Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Violet and Lavender Sprinkles, by Michael

Lavender Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Violet and Lavender Sprinkles by Michael

Lavender Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Violet and Lavender Sprinkles by Michael

2.  These cupcakes are Mickey’s suggestion.  She said: “What a neat contest! Those candies sure are elegant, just like their naturally beautiful origins! I think of spring and their cute little faces lighting up our walkway at our home i grew up in back in Wisconsin. On that note, you must highlight their delicate features and keep the little flower in tact. If it were me, I would make something that is reminiscent of spring- berries, lemon, fresh clean flavors come to mind, lightness…. Perhaps simply a meyer lemon cupcake with a subtle vanilla bean “buttercream”, maybe with a fresh strawberry filling secretly inside! The frosting would have to be perfectly smooth and rounded and place one little violet on top, maybe with a mini sprig of lavender or thyme behind it, to keep it in the garden-new life- spring is here theme. I like the idea of a pretty ivory top with the bold purple violet and a little green. cute! I can almost taste it….. :-D

This is what we came up with for Mickey’s cupcakes:

Meyer Lemon Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Strawberry Filling, and Fresh Thyme, By Mickey

Meyer Lemon Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Strawberry Filling, and Fresh Thyme, By Mickey

Meyer Lemon Cupcake with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Strawberry Filling, and Fresh Thyme, By Mickey

3.  And, last but not least, Gertie said, “Golly, there are so many great ideas posted. I too think of lemon frosting over vanilla cupcakes. But here is an alternative idea: Violet candy reminds me of the cheap perfume oil I used to buy in New Orleans and wear to the bars. Red velvet rose-flavored cup cakes with orange-vermouth flavored icing (dyed orange), topped with a plastic king cake baby surrounded by violet candies. I also thought gold nonpareils and perhaps a streak of glitter would be a nice touch.

Well, Gertie, we found king cake babies, vermouth, rosewater, and edible glitter.  We couldn’t, however, find any gold nonpareils.  Sorry about that.  Hopefully we did justice to your cupcakes, anyway!

Rosewater Red Velvet Cupcakes with Orange Vermouth Frosting, King Cake Babies, and Glitter, by Gertie

Rosewater Red Velvet Cupcakes with Orange Vermouth Frosting, King Cake Babies, and Glitter, by Gertie


So, now we need your help!  Please go to the comments section of this post and let us know which entry you like the best!  Vote as often as you want until midnight on Sunday, March 13, 2011.  The winner will receive a batch of their cupcakes, baked by us and mailed to them.  Oh, and all the finalists will win a tin of the Violet Candies.

So please vote often for the next ten days, and we really look forward to seeing who wins!




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215 responses to “Violet Candy Contest Finalists

  1. Michael McMurtrey

    I’m so honored to have been chosen as a finalist. I can’t wait to taste my winnings. Yummmmmmy!

  2. j

    The first one, with the lemon icing “takes the cake”! Violet and lavender candy dust? SCRUMPTIOUS!

  3. susan

    I am a cupcake fiend. The lavender and lemon icing looks and sounds the best by far! Ugh, now I want cake.

  4. Larry C. Jones

    Definitely the 1st one! Sounds delicious!

  5. spark

    They all look super tempting – but I would go for the lavender!

  6. molly

    The first one ROCKs!

  7. Wow, these look AHmazingly delicious. I vote for #1!!

  8. tad Frank

    Mickey’s lavender and lemon is my vote!

  9. Sheila

    Lavender and lemon

  10. Oh my! So exciting to be a finalist! Thank you Sugarbomb 🙂 They do look much like I imagined too, well done! I love the strawberry filling, I think it would taste so yummy with the lemon cake and vanilla and pungent violet candy…. mmmmmm. I love that you actually baked them for all to see to vote on, such a fun idea! Thank you!!

  11. patti

    mm, they all sound delectable – and i love violets and lemon!
    My favorite is the vanilla bean creamy topping with lemon and strawberry insides – the combination of flavors and the elegance of the design won me over!!

  12. They’re all wonderful for different reasons. I have to vote for #1 because it’s the one I most want to eat. #2 almost had me with the Meyer lemons but lost me with the strawberry filling. #3 is a riot and wins for creativity but I’m not sure I want to do more than just look at it.

  13. i like mickey’s lavender the best. very elegant!

  14. josh

    I believe I will go for Lavender with lemon Butter Cream

  15. Mikey

    Definitely #2. It looks clean and refined, but has a fun little secret inside that reminds you never to be too serious when eating cupcakes. I also think that the white vanilla bean “buttercream” is the perfect color and texture to highlight the candy itself. I’m hungry now.

  16. wendy

    mickey’s for sure. buttercream!!!

  17. Jose C

    I vote for #1. lemon and lavender are a great combination. very refreshing.

  18. Novell

    my vote would be the first one, minus the crushed pieces on top.

  19. #2. Not an over powign lavender flavor and I like the surprise strawberry filling

  20. Michael

    I like Mickey’s. It’s elegant and seems like it would taste the best – isn’t that the most important thing?

  21. Miguel

    I like the king cake baby for it’s cheek, but the one I’d want to eat would be the vanilla bean frosted one (#2). Mickey did a good thing by keeping the candy in tact and adding the herb to enliven a garden along with our sugary journey. FRESH!

  22. Lydia

    Definitely the first! Prettiest to look at and sounds delicious! Although a meyer lemon cupcake does sound scrumptious.

  23. bernice

    I like the first one yummy.

  24. Kelly

    I’d have to say #2 wins for is simplicity. I picture myself eating the whole batch in one sitting whereas the others just look too sweet.

  25. Farrah

    Mickey for sure! So beautiful!

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  27. Kelly

    I vote for Mickey’s lemon cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting! They sound (and look) so light and delicious!

  28. my vote is for #1!!

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  30. Kristen

    Tough one – but I vote #1!

  31. daniela groza

    i loe mickey’s, very very pretty and i bet DELICIOUS!!!

  32. They all look great, but #2 gets my vote! 🙂

  33. luna

    #2 please! looks lovely!

  34. Eric

    Mickey’s look very tasty!

  35. poppy

    I love secrets! I pick number 2 – neat combination of flavors! mmm, cupcakes…

  36. Number 2!! The moistness, the jam, the vanilla bean specks, the beauty! It’s deliciousness I can almost taste…

  37. patti

    #2, I love it! tart and sweet it’s such a fine combination – i love the idea of the red strawberry popping out from the yellow cupcakeygoodness and the frosting isn’t overdone, it’s subtle yet sweet. Violets, what a fun source of inspiration!

  38. Lyndsay

    #2 for beauty and taste, # 3 for sheer awesomeness! Love the king babies, they should be on all cupcakes, LOL! Side bar…lavendar in food makes me wanna barf, had a bad pregnancy experiance and permanently hate all things lavendar…but I understand not everyone does…Glad things are going so great for you!

  39. JAMES

    Number One. That combination of lavender and lemon sounds amazing! I’ll take two dozen please.

  40. Mike

    I like #2 best.

  41. kathleen hutchinson

    Michael’s cupcake (#1) is just gorgeous…It gets my vote.

  42. J

    Number 2, Mickey! I can’t stop thinking about that strawberry filling!

  43. Farrah

    Mickey please! She comes up with such amazing concepts!

  44. Alison

    I vote for #2. The strawberry filling in the lemon cupcakes sounds amazing!

  45. Mallery

    #1 for sure! Looks so elegant, and sounds delicious.

  46. I vote for Mickeys #2 for sure. Springy theme and surprise inside.The violet and green signals spring and looks yummy!

  47. Farrah


  48. E

    I think number 2 looks great. The flavor combo makes my mouth water.

  49. lee chase

    #2 please. looks/sounds tasty!! It’s the only one with a photo of the cross-section, and it looks delicious!

  50. patrice

    My vote is for number two – so divine and delicious-looking!!

  51. Rowan

    Yummeh! I would eat many, many, many of Mickey’s cute and tasty looking cupcakes! In fact she should make me some right now.

  52. mickey’s sounds fabulous!

  53. I vote for # 2 Mickey. This looks seasonally delish! Also the colors are very indicative of Spring. Center looks yummy as well

  54. Chalk one up for Mickey #2. I like the color presentation and flower and sprig as well as the fact it shows the cross section.I would expect this to taste as good as it looks!

  55. Nancy

    The FIRST one – definitely! I love the idea of lavender batter, with lemon icing. I would totally love to eat 1, or 12 of these!

  56. Michael has such good taste, and his cupcake looks the most YUMMY !!!
    I vote for Michael, and Cupcake #1.

  57. Bryan Octavius

    Number 1, Michael’s, looks the most yummy to me 🙂

  58. Joe

    I vote for Mikes cupcake, Cupcake #1. It looks tasty!

  59. Joe

    I vote for cupcake #1 !

  60. No shame in my game, I like mine the best haha! #2! nom nom nom! I can almost taste that strawberry filling and the crunchy violet candy! 😀

  61. El Cabronsito

    Yo voto a numero dos!

  62. Fran

    #1!! Yummy yumsters!! So pretty and elegant. Perfect for spring.

    #2 lost me at jelly filling…

  63. Anthony

    The first is the one that appears most delicious!

  64. Pike

    One more vote for number 2! Those look wicked good.

  65. Jody

    Mickey’s are the best! #2!

  66. Julene Snyder

    Number one gets my vote! Mmmmm, lemon/lavendery.

  67. Klavin

    #1 sounds like something that I would cheat on my diet for. So, #1 gets my vote

  68. Patrick

    Lemon and Lavender… Heck YES. Number One, Please

  69. Fuzzy

    You had me at lemon buttercream. NUMBER ONE is the winner!

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  71. Rebekah

    #2 I love vanilla bean icing!

  72. mindy

    Number 2 looks divine!

  73. Ian Pike

    Number 2 gets my vote for being the most scrumptious looking!

    Can I also vote for #3 as a runner up due to being orange and purple?

  74. Patrick

    Mmmmm. Mickey (#2) for sure.

  75. Holly

    #2! Love the partnering of the thyme, lemon, strawberry and vanilla beans. Such a great combination! I love that you can still see the vanilla bean specks on top as well. Mickey’s for sure!

  76. Magic the Gathering

    I think #2 should prevail in this contest. It looks like mana from heaven.

  77. Large Marge

    #2 mickey, that dude’s done himself a standup job

  78. lemon, thyme, vanilla bean AND strawberry. yum. #2 gets my vote!

  79. Noa Alonigreen

    I want to eat #2 cupcakes by the dozen, right now, everyday! Vanilla bean buttercream + lemon + secret strawberry filling = sounds like HEAVENLY!

  80. nancy

    I truly LOVE Mickey’s cupcakes!!!

  81. E

    #2! Look how scrumptious it is

  82. Farrah

    Mickey’s looks the best!

  83. Gracie

    #2 looks like it belongs of a plate made of delicate china, on a picnic in a grassy meadow… #2!

  84. MG

    Mickey’s #2 sounds like a fantasy cupcake!

  85. Leahy

    I agree with most of the above~ Mickey’s cupcake with the strawberry filling takes the cake!

  86. shai

    #2 seems to be the most pleasing, visually and orally 😉

  87. Aharon

    These people know what’s uP! #2!

  88. daniela groza

    j’aime mickey’s!!!

  89. patti

    I vote for Mickey #2!! YUM!!

  90. Holly

    Definitely number 2! That little violet looks so cute with the thyme, and it’s elegant, refreshing and clean looking. Would be nice for a spring wedding!

  91. Michael McMurtrey

    I really think that NUMBER ONE is the best!

  92. Edwin R

    Purple is pretty

  93. jeff

    #1, that is all…

  94. Heather

    #1 looks fabulous!

  95. Michelle

    #2! #2! I want it with a cup of tea right now please.

  96. Heather

    My vote is for Mickeys, as most people here agree. It looks just delicious!

  97. omar lopez

    i vote number 2

  98. Mac

    That first one is a home run! I’ll take a dozen, or two.

  99. jimbo francois

    le numero deux (2) is le best. it’s a bingo!

  100. The Designer

    The only one that sounds good to me is Number ONE.

  101. Sandy A

    Definitely #1! Fabulous


    #1 looks SUPER

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  104. Cindy

    Michael’s #1 sounds like it would taste the best

  105. Butters

    My favrit is the vanilla bean with yummy strawberry filling, i’d chew on the thyme afterward to cleanse my palate. 🙂

  106. Cupcake LOVER

    My mouth is drooling over Michael’s. The first one!!!!!

  107. Otto

    #1 Lavender w/lemon buttercream frosting

  108. S Allen

    #1 is my vote

  109. Heather

    Definitely #1. Way beautiful!! And sounds scrumptious!

  110. AVL TJ

    number one with the lavender and lemon

  111. Charles

    #1 gets my vote!!!

  112. Grizzly

    Let me curl up on the sofa with that lavender and lemon masterpiece. #1

  113. Barbara

    #1 gets my vote

  114. Django's Mom

    No contest. #1!!!

  115. Django

    My mom is so right. #1 is fantastic.

  116. Claire

    #1 for sure

  117. purple

    The purple sprinkles on #1 are so appetizing!!

  118. Rudy

    #1 looks fabulous

  119. Lea

    #1 get my vote. Yum!

  120. Julie

    My vote is for #1

  121. nancy

    I vote for #2. Mickeys vegan cup cake looks devine and the center is yummie!

  122. Connie K

    #1 … awesome!

  123. spanky

    I vote for Mickey’s #2. This seems to have a perfect presentation for spring and looks like it would be delicious!

  124. Sam K

    I vote for #1!

  125. Angela

    #1 gets my vote

  126. Taz A

    #1 is my choice.

  127. Steph

    #1 for the win!!!

  128. Kelly

    #1 gets my vote.

  129. Big Daddy

    Chalk one up for #2 Mickey for sure.

  130. Casey

    #1 all the way

  131. Sandy K

    Definitely #1

  132. Lilly Pad

    This looks really delish! I wish I had one right now.I vote for #2 Mickey

  133. Elizabeth

    #1 looks the best!

  134. Hoovin

    wow … #1 looks awesome

  135. RunnerGurl

    I wish I had #1 right now … beautiful

  136. RunnerGurl's Girlfriend

    Definitely #1

  137. TOFU

    Give me number one.

  138. Jay

    Number one looks so yum!

  139. BK

    #1 looks delish

  140. T.U. McMudbrew

    No. 1. no contest!

  141. Craig Hale

    Number 1 has my vote!

  142. kathleen hutchinson

    Numero Uno!!!!!

  143. Davis

    We love #1, we love #1

  144. Tj

    I want the #1. It sounds yummy!

  145. Farrah

    #2, Hands down!

  146. E

    Mickey, Mickey, Mickey!

  147. luna

    Loving #2, STILL!

  148. JC

    Mickey’s. It looks delicate, elegant, and delicious!

  149. Aharon

    #2 for sure!

  150. Mike

    My vote is for number 1.

  151. natasha


  152. The Designer

    You’d be crazy to vote for anything but number ONE

  153. JM

    #1. Can I place an order now?

  154. Nancita

    Numero Uno esta besta.

  155. cleve

    #1! lavender with buttercream icing. yummy!

  156. Words With Friends

    #2 looks better than a triple word score with and X and a Q in it!

  157. Spades

    I’d shoot the moon for #2!

  158. Otto

    Michael is #1

  159. Antonio


  160. Heather

    #1… fo sho!

  161. Peter North

    I love Michael McMurtrey’s cupcakes. I vote for him to win!!

  162. Ron Jeremy

    Definitely #1 Michael McMurtrey’s cupcakes “take the cake!”

  163. Jeff Stryker

    #1! lavender with buttercream icing. yummy!

  164. Wendy-Lou

    #2. Mickey. #3 is too scary and #1 sounds a bit too much.
    #2 is the best. I really want that strawberry filling right now, looks delicious.

  165. Howard Stern

    Baba Booey says to vote for #1, so I want Michael McMurtrey to win!!

  166. luna

    number 2 sounds and looks perfect

  167. F

    2, 2, 2, 2!!!! Mickey

  168. E

    number 2 all the way

  169. Sean

    Definitely #1! Must have #1! #1….#1…..#1

  170. Maureen

    Michael’s cupcake looks the best! I bet it tastes the best too! I vote for #1!!!

  171. Michael

    I humbly submit that I think my recipe is the best.
    Number ONE.

  172. Pamook

    one, one, one, one.

  173. Captain F

    #1 is the ONLY one.

  174. C Dubb

    Can’t wait to try one. It looks so good!

  175. C Dubb

    Number one of course

  176. #2 sounds like the winner!

  177. Jan

    mickey’s looks fabulous!

  178. Ben

    I think I’d like to try that second cupcake!

  179. Jon

    Two, Two, Two, Two, Two…

  180. Ray

    #2 sounds like the cats pajamas.

  181. I could woof down that second cupcake!

  182. Johnny B

    Most definitely number one. Lavender, oh yeah….

  183. Danielle

    #1 is my pick

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