Cupcake Party Menu

Mojito Cupcakes

So as you may know, we are having a Champagne and Cupcakes Party this weekend, and we are super-excited about it!  Our friend Flapjack is coming to visit, and we wanted to have people over while he was here.  And since he is a vegan and loves cupcakes and champagne, we thought this would be the perfect theme for him.

So we have finalized the menu, and it looks like this:

1.  Mojito-themed Cupcakes with a Spiced Rum Cake, Fresh Mint and Lime Zest Buttercream, and Fresh Lime Slices.

2.  A Gluten-Free Version of Mickey’s Meyer Lemon Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream, Strawberry Filling, and Fresh Thyme.

3.  Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Fudgy Peanut Butter Frosting, Roasted Peanuts, and Sea Salt.

4.  Some sort of Moonshine Cupcake, probably with Raspberry Mousse Filling, but that’s as far as that one’s gotten.

So that’s it.  I’m not sure if anyone else is bringing cupcakes, but hopefully we’ll have enough even if no one else brings any.  Oh, and I made a trial batch of the Mojito ones this morning.  Here’s a picture of what I came up with:

Mojito Cupcakes

And don’t worry, we’ll be posting lots of pictures of the party (as if there was any doubt about that!), but they might not be up until Monday.  So stay tuned to see what we came up with.  Or even better, why don’t you just come to our party?  We’d love to see you there!




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3 responses to “Cupcake Party Menu

  1. We can’t compete with those gorgeous cupcakes, so we’ll bring a bottle of bubbly.

  2. Those may be the cutest cupcakes I’ve EVER seen! Sound delicious too.

  3. Hope it’s not too late but I just had an idea for the mojito cupcake. At the risk of messing with perfection, how about candying the lime slices? That would make the lime slice sweet and avoid any chance of someone getting a bitter rind taste in their mouth if they try to eat the garnish.

    The party was wonderful (as always) and the cupcakes were amazing. The leftovers came in handy yesterday. It was a day when we were racing against the clock and needed everything to go just right and almost nothing did. The cupcakes provided just the morale boost we needed at the end of the day.

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