Customer Feedback Revisited

Hey.  So, the thing is that I love baking.  And more than loving baking, I especially love making people happy.  And I don’t know any easier way of making people happy than by baking for them.  That is why I bake for a living.

But sometimes I lose track of that, and start looking at baking as just a (sometimes) job and (very, very expensive) hobby.  And then, a customer will send me some feedback about the Sugarbomb stuff they got in the mail, and all of a sudden I remember the joy I get from making people happy.

OK, I’m going to stop being all sappy and get to the feedback.  First, this is an email I got from Bambi, who you may remember from this post a couple of months ago.

On March 18th, Bambi wrote:

Bambi's Chocolate Cupcakes

Hi, Ian and Jason,
Yum.  As you can see, my cupcakes are going fast.  So delicious and moist.  Thanks to you both for making my birthday even sweeter!

Bambi's Chocolate Cupcakes

Thanks Bambi!  We ♥ you!

Also, about a month ago I sent my friend Jen some gluten-free cupcakes and brownies in the mail.  She wrote an awesome blog post about it!  Here’s an excerpt:

Jen's got a big package” . . . I was thrilled to receive a package from Sugarbomb at my doorstep with a personal note from the boys, icing instructions, gluten-free brownies, and vegan chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing and sugary glitter sprinkles. Um… wow? All I expected was a recipe, not a box of greatness.  Now, Ian from Sugarbomb is a friend of mine, but that in no way influences the review on this post. Lucky for him, his sweets were delish . . .”

Jen's got a big packageIf you’re into it, you can read the whole review here.  Even if you don’t care at all about a review of my baked goods, you should check out Jen’s blog because she’s so funny.  I would especially recommend the review of the Grilled Cheese Explosion Mac & Cheese.  It’s pretty great.

So anyway, thanks Bambi, thanks Jen, and thanks everybody for reading!



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