Chocolate Mousse Fail

OK you guys.  I haven’t posted in a couple of days.  And do you want to know why?  It’s because I have been getting put in my place by some stupid chocolate mousse.

Here’s what happened:  I had read online about a chocolate mousse recipe created by the molecular gastronomy pioneer Hervé This.  It contains only two ingredients: chocolate and water.  And the whole thing is that, while conventional cooking wisdom tells us not to mix chocolate an water (or the chocolate will seize up, making it grainy and gross), this mousse is supposed to be smooth, chocolaty and delicious.

So the first recipe I tried said to combine equal amounts of chocolate and boiling water in a bowl.

Failed Chocolate Mousse

Failed Chocolate Mousse

Failed Chocolate Mousse

Then whisk until the chocolate was totally melted.

Failed Chocolate MousseThen, put that whole thing in an ice bath, and whisk like crazy.

Failed Chocolate MousseI didn’t get any pictures of me whisking, but trust me, it was crazy.  And it’s supposed to thicken and turn into mousse.  And after a couple of minutes, it even started to get thicker.  So I start congratulating myself on my awesomeness.  And then it stops thickening.  Crap.  So I’m thinking maybe the ice bath isn’t cold enough any more.  So I re-melt the chocolate, get more ice in the ice bath this time and try again.  Same thing happens.  So I get a little crazed.  I think maybe I’m not whisking fast enough.

Hey, you know what whisks really well?  The stand mixer.

Failed Chocolate Mousse

Oh, crap I’m making a mess.  Oh well, at least it’s not all over my clothes, dishes, cabinets, floors, and body.  Oh, wait . . .

Failed Chocolate MousseDang.

So, I poured the whole mess in a cup, put it in the fridge, and hoped for the best.  Here’s what I got the next day:

Failed Chocolate MousseWell, this is decidedly not mousse.  So I tried again.  This time I started with a more precise recipe (which I got here).  So I measure out my 200 milliliters of water and my 225 grams of chocolate, and I melt them together in a saucepan.

Failed Chocolate MousseThen I put the mixture in a bowl over an ice bath and whisk like crazy.

This is getting ridiculous!So after about two minutes, the whole thing is thickening, and I am so excited that at last my hard work is paying off!  And then, surprise!  It stops thickening.  Dang.  So I pour it into a glass, put it in the freezer, and hope for the best.

Failed Chocolate MousseI have a feeling that this isn’t going to end well, either.  So at the end of this whole process, I have a ruined shirt, a filthy kitchen, chocolate in my eyebrows, and no mousse.  Sigh.

But I’m not giving up!  I am going to figure out this stupid mousse if it kills me.  And if you’ve ever made it and had it come out, please let me know the secret!

Not looking forward to the cleanup,




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8 responses to “Chocolate Mousse Fail

  1. Are those chocolate chips? Maybe you need a higher cocoa content? I would try with some really good 72% chocolate, chopped up. Also, start slowly with the whipping! Your kitchen and wardrobe will thank you! I’ve only made ganache with cream but I think you may also need to experiment with the ratios, maybe try less water? Good luck!

  2. Tracy Face

    YOU’RE AWESOME! And your blog is cute.

  3. kitchenspoon

    I agree with Jenny regarding the cocoa content. Seems like the chocolate needs a little sugar, so don’t go higher than 72% or the finished mousse may be too bitter. Go, fellas, go. I have *no doubt* you will figure this out. Put my name on your long list of peeps who want to dig a spoon into the winning batch. (in the meantime, the syrup looks pretty tasty…) xx

  4. I bet it is the chocolate chips…. Good luck!! I don’t envy your clean up, it is never fun when stuff does not turn out. Makes cleaning up that much poopier!

  5. Rach

    Hey sweets…so not to sound dumb, but are you using only dark chocolate? I thought you would need to use milk chocolate to make it rise/thicken…the fact that it’s vegan may be the reason why it isn’t working. Good luck…you’ll figure it out…you’re too damn stubborn not to 🙂

  6. Ahahahha, I was looking for some disaster like this. I’ve just done a mousse chocolate and I suppose the result is the same of yours. You’re not alone .I like your site! I’ll come back soon! You could come to my blog.. to see the result of my disaster. ( this evening I’ll check the result).

  7. Gloria

    I know this is late to the party, and this is my first time reading this blog. But I made a really easy mousse by using (yes, you can! 😛 ) chocolate chips. I used semi-sweet. I melted them in the microwave with 1/4 c. of water and 2 tbsp. of butter. Then you let it cool, and while you do that, in a pot mix 1/4 c. water, 2 tbsp. sugar, and 3 egg yolks. Cook it until the liquid coats the back of the metal spoon. (: Mix the chocolate mixture and that together, ice bath it until it’s cold, then fold in 1 and 1/4 c. cool whip. Put in your cups, and put it in the fridge for 5 hours or overnight (I did 5 hours and it was perfect). And voila! But make sure you ice bath it BEFORE you put in the cool whip. Trust me.

  8. You should try laura vitale’s recipe!
    Just search ‘lover’s chocolate mousse’
    It worked just fine.And i made it for me and me only.But don’t add the hot chocolate mixture to the egg white.I learned it the hard way 😡
    Hope you can do it lol
    From: a random teenager XD

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