My 30th Birthday Party

My 30th Birthday PartyLast weekend, I had a birthday party.  And, since my favorite thing in the world is vegan brunch, the party was a big, huge vegan brunch.  It was so fun!

Me on My 30th Birthday

When oh when will I learn that I have got to take pictures when I throw a party?  Thank God Amanda thought to take some, or I wouldn’t have any!  So here are some of the highlights of the party.

My 30th Birthday

Jason did all of the decorating, and he did an amazing job.  I told him that I would love it if the color theme was teal and red (my favorite) and he went all out!  He even spent a week making hand-sewn bunting!

My 30th Birthday PartyIsn’t it so cute?  So since he did all of the decorating, I decided to do most of the cooking.

My 30th Birthday PartyThe menu was:

Mini Muffins (mocha chip and blueberry)
Roasted Potatoes
Scrambled Tofu
Tempeh Sausage Pastry Puffs (I told you I always make them)
Coconut Chocolate Chip Pancakes (My sister loves these!)

My 30th Birthday Party
In the center of this picture is an Apple Tatin made by my sister, Alison.  In the left corner are biscotti (cranberry chocolate chip and gingerbread) made by Jason’s sister, Janell.  We are so fortunate to have such talented siblings!

My 30th Birthday PartyThese were glazed Mixed Nuts brought by my friend Julie.  I can’t tell you guys how good they were.  Lucky for us, she posted the recipe on her blog.  So go check it out!

My 30th Birthday

As you guys may or may not know, Jason and I just adopted a dog, Louis, last week.  So this was his first experience with entertaining, and other than some skittishness, he did great!

My 30th Birthday

And while we’re talking about new additions, here’s my niece, Cadence, at my party.  She seemed to have a very good time, and was all smiles most of the day.

My 30th Birthday

In addition to getting the whole yard decorated for the party, Jason spent weeks getting the garden in shape.  It has never looked better!

My 30th Birthday

I had such a nice day, and I was so fortunate to have spent my birthday with old and new friends, as well as the people I love the most.  I especially appreciate all of the work Jason did to throw this party for me!  I sure love that guy!

My 30th Birthday



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6 responses to “My 30th Birthday Party

  1. Looks splendid – love the food, the hand-sewn bunting, Louis – all of it. 🙂 (Happy belated birthday, by the way!)

  2. MEGAN

    looks wonderful Ian!!! so glad you were surrounded by good food and friends 🙂 i’ll be in your neck of the woods in June, i hope to stop by and see you for a big hug!

  3. Alison

    That was an amazing party! I can’t remember the last time I ate that much food! Truly awesome! Thanks Ian & Jason 🙂

  4. Julia Potter

    It was a wonderful party. The food was fantastic, and, the company was great too! Your sister deserves mad props for washing all those dishes! And, please, tell me where to find that pancake recipe. They were incredible!

  5. stephanie

    So glad i was a part of this!!! My scramble was too ugly to photograph, but it sure did taste good. 😉
    One guy said, “I thought all this stuff was supposed to be vegan” after taking a bite. He thought it was eggs!
    And seriously. More vegan brunches please. I can host in Black Mountain!

  6. Julia Potter

    Stephanie, your scramble is the scramblebomb!
    Would you like to host a brunch for my birthday? I was thinking about having a camping trip, but, now, I’m starting to think brunch at Stephanie’s might be a better idea : )

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