Who We Are


Sugarbomb Bakery is gonna blow your mind.  We are a dedicated vegan bakery in Asheville, NC, founded by Ian Grout and Jason Pierson — two long-time vegans with an incurable sweet tooth and very cool tattoos.  Nothing that we bake contains any animal products or derivatives, so you can rest assured that our products are not only delicious but also cruelty-free!

We sell our baked goods on etsy, and we blog here almost every day.  We would love it if you bought some of our stuff, or if you made some of our recipes and sent us pictures.  We really love feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Ian & Jason


5 responses to “Who We Are

  1. elwood

    hey guys! miss you out here! the population of gays dropped considerably when you left! i love your bakery/blog! its quite beautiful as are all of the scrumptious looking cupcakes! i printed out your recent gluten free recipe for one of my co-workers – i’ll let you know if she tries it. hope you’ll come back to visit sometime – *mwa*

  2. Jen

    Hey kids! Thanks for the deliciously adorably wonderful box of treats. I wrote a review about them on my blog, http://theuniquecritique.blogspot.com. I owe you a package in return, but I haven’t yet decided what would possibly match your generosity. When I find out what that is, I’ll let you know to keep an eye on your mailbox! Everything was scrumptious. Thanks again. ❤ Jen

  3. Faye Holliday

    …you two look too serious to make cupcakes….

  4. Kara

    Ian! Just found you randomly on Twitter- I’m so thrilled you doing this. Sugarbomb Bakery looks amazing! I’m still here in Waynesville- starting a business myself. Let’s catch up. I just missed your birthday celebration by a week- it was the same as my daughter Kaia’s- she turned two on May 22. xoxo Kara (former co-barista)

  5. Sheri Edwards

    Hello – Just wanted to say thank you for the vegan cinnamon rolls recipe. Sincerely, Sheri E., Knoxville, TN

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