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Camera Woes

Hey guys.  So, we had the Champagne and Cupcakes party on Saturday night, and it was great.  A really diverse group of our friends showed up, which was awesome.  And the cupcakes were great.  We made four kinds, and two of our friends brought cupcakes, too.  So here would be the part where I post awesome pictures of the party.  The thing is that my camera, which has been dying for a while, is in its death throes now.  So I took lots and lots of pictures with my camera over the weekend, and here’s some of what I got:

Blurry Collage

And of course I know why this happened.  This happened because, at the party, our friend Alison asked me what camera we used for our blog pictures, and I showed her our ancient point and shoot:

Crappy Camera

And I was all, “Yeah, it’s old, but it takes great pictures.  Why switch to an SLR?  This camera is all we’ll ever need.  La la la.”  I swear, if I was a character in a book, everyone reading my lines of dialogue would instantly be like, “Uh-oh.  Nothing good can come of that.”  I really wish someone would just knock me down a peg when I say stupid stuff like that.

Actually, no I don’t.  That would be terrible.

Anyway, I got a couple of good pictures as well, and I’ll be posting those in the next few days.  I just had to keep it real with our sad, tired camera today.  I know what we’re shopping for this weekend!

Wishing I had an extra $500 for a camera,




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