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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

What I did on my summer vacation

Hey.  So you may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent for the last couple of months.  Well now I’m ready to start blogging again, and it occurred to me that I had three options:

#1.  Put up a blog post today about pie or something and pretend that this whole two month hiatus never happened.  OR

#2.  Write a little two sentence blurb at the beginning of said post describing how my life had been busy and blah blah blah.  OR

#3.  Do a blog post about where exactly I’ve been for the last two months.

Now, I know that, if you read this blog with any frequency back when I was posting regularly, you prob have noticed that I was gone and you may even be wondering why.  And it’s a given that my life has been busy for the last two months.   My life is always busy, as, presumably, is yours.  So just trying to write a simple sentence or two explanation seemed insulting to us both.  So here, at long last, is a detailed account of exactly what’s been going on the last couple of months.

What I did on my summer vacation

OK so back in the beginning of May, Amanda (my boss) and I decided to convert the retail shop where I work into a cupcake bakery.  We still sold our cupcakes and supplies, but the focus shifted from the merchandise to the cupcakes.  You may have seen this post describing the process.

What I did on my summer vacation

So what we hadn’t really considered realistically was that, while we were going to try to do the same amount of work in the shop, we were also going to become part-time professional bakers.  Which basically made for 60-70 hour weeks for me.  At first, it was so amazing to be baking professionally and seeing my cupcakes delight so many people that it didn’t even really matter that I never slept or spent any time with my boyfriend, my friends, or my amazing new puppy.  But it quickly became evident that I was neglecting large parts of my life.

Oh, and I stopped blogging.  It was pretty ironic that the time in my life when I was making more blog-worthy recipes than ever was also the time in my life when I was least able to write about any of them.  Hmmm.

What I did on my summer vacation

Another big development in my life around that time was that Jason changed jobs.  He had been working for a very corporate job that he wasn’t crazy about pretty much hated, and he finally decided that he needed to get out of it for his own sanity.  What does this have to do with blogging?

Well, Jason and I only have one car, and we both work about 30 minutes away from our house.  His old schedule had him going to work hours before me every day, leaving me sitting around coffee shops every day with lots of time on my hands.  Which was time I used to blog.  And after he changed jobs, it was time I used to sleep in.

It was awesome.

What I did on my summer vacation

The third, but by no means least important reason I stopped blogging was that summer arrived.  Have you spent much time in the South in the summer?  Well if you haven’t I don’t blame you!  It is hot as the dickens here in the summer.  For real, it’s oppressive.  So any baking that I didn’t absolutely have to do for work was completely out of the question.  And while it’s still hot here, the fact that I don’t have to turn my oven on if I don’t want to anymore makes the prospect of baking a lot more enticing.

What I did on my summer vacationAnd Amanda and I decided, after a couple of grueling months, that we were really in no position to continue baking at the rate we were.  So we’ve turned the shop into a bakers’ collective.  It’s been really amazing, actually.   You can read more about it here, if you want.  What I did on my summer vacationSo there it is.  And here I am.  I have survived the summer (or most of it, anyway) and lived to tell the tale.  And I am so inspired to start baking again.  And most importantly, I’m excited to be sharing stuff with you again.  If you are reading this right now, you make all the work I put into the blog totally worth it.  I’ve missed you guys, and I am so ready to get back in the kitchen!


Oh yeah, P.S.  Here’s a video Amanda and I made partially about the whole process I described above.  Please forgive the sound quality.  So there. 



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